Building Brighter Babies

Building Brighter Babies is an innovative educational system using proven methods that promote foundational learning in babies, toddlers, and children ultimately creating life long learners.

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Inspiring Growth from the Start

Building Brighter Babies

After reading this book parents should feel empowered to take charge of their child’s education. Most importantly, parents realize that the earlier they engage in establishing best educational practices with their babies, the sooner they establish the home as the place where education takes place. This understanding provides rich rewards and ensures inquisitive early learners in your home.

Meet The Authors

Our team of authors combines diverse skills and expertise to deliver compelling insights and perspectives within our book. From seasoned educators to insightful storytellers, each author contributes uniquely to enriching our readers’ experience.

Sharlyn Debra Williams, PhD

Author of Building Brighter Babies &
Moms And Black Sons: A Comprehensive Study of Complex Love and Racial Animus

Charles Williams Jr.

Author Of Building Brighter Babies

Corlis Rowena Lewis M.A, M.S

Author of Moms And Black Sons: A Comprehensive Study of Complex Love and Racial Animus

Our Inspiring Journey

Discover our story in just a few lines.

In Their Own Words

Black mothers regardless of their family of origin live day to day with fear for their sons, no matter how old they are. This fear persists despite most of them sharing that their sons had never been directly involved with or exposed to negative encounters with the police.

-Corlis Rowena Lewis M.A, M.S

“The world looks at a child and
sees an incomplete story…
A mother looks at her child and sees a huge compendium with pages just waiting to be filled in.”

-Sharlyn D. Williams, PhD

The Impact Awaits

Reasons to Read


For Empowering and Enlightening

Building Brighter Babies” empowers parents and educators with proven methods for foundational learning. It’s more than a guide; it’s a movement to create lifelong learners. Embrace this chance to unlock your child’s potential and ensure their future success..


For Navigating Complex Emotions

Moms and Black Sons” explores the realities faced by mothers of Black sons, providing understanding and support. Through candid stories and expert insights, it offers solace and strategies for resilience, validating and empowering your journey.

What Our Readers Say

“This book is a testament to the love and strength of mothers everywhere. It’s a poignant and necessary exploration of the fears and triumphs that come with raising a Black son. I couldn’t put it down.”

Natasha L.

Moms And Black Sons

“I love the focus on fostering a love for learning from a young age. Building Brighter Babies has given us the tools to make learning a daily adventure. Reading this book feels like having a conversation with a supportive friend who understands the challenges of parenting. It’s filled with practical advice that works.

Dorcia W.

Building Brighter Babies

“Even before reading it, ‘Moms and Black Sons’ has made an impact. The conversations it encourages about race, love, and parenting are crucial. I’m looking forward to experiencing the full depth of this work.”

John H.

Moms And Black Sons