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At the heart of our work are two deeply personal journeys intertwined with a shared purpose. In “Moms and Black Sons,” authored by us—long-time friends Sharlyn Debra Williams, PhD, and Corlis Rowena Lewis MS, MA—we dive into the profound experiences of mothers raising Black sons in America. This book is our heartfelt platform to candidly share our challenges and celebrate our triumphs, navigating the intricate landscape of race and identity.
Meanwhile, “Building Brighter Babies,” crafted by me, Sharlyn Debra Williams, PhD, alongside my son, Charles Williams Jr., empowers parents with indispensable tools and strategies for early childhood education. Rooted in our family’s journey and passion for education, this book is our invitation to parents everywhere to embrace proactive practices that foster resilience and nurture potential in children, from their earliest years through life’s challenges. Join us on this intimate journey of empowerment and transformation.

Charles Williams Jr & Sharlyn Williams

Building Brighter Babies

Shared Voices: Mother and Son Authors

In our book, Building Brighter Babies, we share strategies for parents to engage, expose, and explain concepts while nurturing rich educational experiences for their children. We’re Dr. Sharlyn Williams and Charles Williams, Jr., a mother-son team passionate about early childhood development. Together, we invite parents to embark on an educational journey that moves children from mastering ABCs to diving into the world of Dr. Seuss through reading. Building Brighter Babies is our way of encouraging parents to embrace best practices in fostering early literacy, writing skills, and mathematical abilities in their children.

Corlis Rowena Lewis & Sharlyn Williams

Moms and Black Sons: A Comprehensive Study of Complex Love and Racial Animus

Friendship in Words

Two friends on a life long journey, from high school, to careers in education, to raising families and finally to authorship. Friends with a unique perspective they share in a world where parenting a Black Son could be a dangerous endeavor. Friends experiencing living in America that yet grapples with insidious racism and the precarious difficulties involved in that process.